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06. Jul - 31. Dec, 2023
215 EUR

About the adventure



Latgale is not just about the adrenaline-fueled hikes. The region offers a cultural tapestry that will leave you spellbound. Delve into the region's rich heritage as you wander through quaint villages and towns. Engage with friendly locals who will share tales of old, preserving traditions that have withstood the test of time. Explore majestic castles that whisper stories of bygone eras, and immerse yourself in the vibrant folklore and artistic traditions that define Latgale's cultural identity.

This two day adventure begins at the majestic castle, from where you'll venture down the winding trails, descending the hillside to reach a sacred site that offers panoramic views of our pride and joy, the Daugava River. After exploring its twists and turns, you'll reach the riverbank, overcoming steep slopes and challenging sections of the path. Depending on the season, be prepared for babbling streams, tall grass, and a personal challenge in a 700-meter stretch and beyond. Your reward awaits—a fine trail with stairs, bridges, benches, and breathtaking views of the beautiful forest, leading you towards the authentic part of the city.

Here, you'll experience the unique architectural charm that is characteristic of Latgale.

Further along the journey, the paths will lead you to the opposite bank of the Daugava, where you'll gaze upon peculiar tree formations. Prepare yourself to climb a 32-meter-high observation tower and behold the pine forest, before reaching a well-equipped picnic spot where you can enjoy a meal and gather strength for the rest of the city expedition. Ascend the winding streets, passing shimmering church towers and taking a brief moment of respite. Then, venture into an undiscovered part of the city, meandering through the charming lanes of small gardens, alongside the edge of the marsh, towards the Krāslava Brewery. If you complete the route swiftly, climb to the second floor and reward yourself with a delightful refreshment that will be truly well-deserved.

With a smile on your face, head towards the majestic finish at the castle!

Along the route, we have also prepared challenging sections through marshy areas, crossing streams and small rivers, to enrich your hiking experience.

About the adventure

2 days
Where will you sleep
Guest House
61 KM
Total Ascent
830 m


Not included:
Personal expenses , Camping equipment

Ieteicamo mantu saraksts

Day pack

Spare shoes to change

vieglas botas, kurās atpūtināt kājas no pārgājiena apaviem vai, galējas nepieciešamības gadījumā, noiet pārgājienu

Seasonal clothing

ko uzvilkt pilsētā vai uz vakariņām



vismaz SPF 30, vēlams SPF 50

Snacks & tea/coffee in thermos

Fist Aid Kit

Sorbex/Smecta, Mezym Forte, Rennie, Ibumetin, Bepanthen un citi palīgi sev vien zināmām kaitēm (piem. alerģiju), iesakām paņemt pāris tabletes, nevis visu iepakojumu. Tulznu plāksteri.

Mosquito reppelent

vai citronellas ēteriskā eļļa


ar ietilpību visamz 10000mAh


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