Surfing in Morocco - February 2020

Surfing in Morocco - February 2020

24. February, 2020 Destinations

Almost in the middle of February, another group of PostNos travelers went to sunny Morocco. This time the group was bigger - together with the leader of the Postnos group - 18 people. There are 2 flights to get to Agadir and we chose to fly via London. It was a great opportunity for Latvians living in Great Britain to join the trip as well.
When we arrived at Agadir airport in the evening, we were met by a local guide and quickly arranged for us to get to the accommodation that we called home for the rest of the trip. We quickly divided into rooms and went to the roof terrace to enjoy dinner and for the first time to see each other peacefully together and get to know each other. For many of the group, this was their first encounter with Africa, so they were even more nervous and unsure. But the next day's surfing on the Atlantic beach was the turning point for the group to bloom like the many flowers of Morocco. Of course, surfing was not easy, and immediately, but accompanied by experienced Portuguese instructors, during the following days, everyone managed to stand on the board to feel both the magical power of the ocean and the satisfaction of their abilities and skills. The smile did not disappear from the faces until the end of the trip, only the faces became browner, because +27 and sun in February is very necessary for the average Latvian. In the following mornings, we swam on the roof to wake up with the sun, during the day we surfed and improved our skills, sunbathed, and in the evenings we visited both local villages and the big market of Agadir - suk. We spent one day on an excursion to Paradise Walley, on the way to which we stopped at an argan oil cooperative to learn how oil is made and in what ways it can be used, but on the way back, the brave went to enjoy an authentic sauna where only local residents bathe - a hammam. In the middle of all this - a great hike along the edge of the river canyon on the way there, and along the almost dry river bed - on the way back. Some brave ones also swam in the canyon's reservoir, jumping into the refreshingly cool water from a height of several meters.
The next day we surfed again. Then the group decided to go on an excursion to Essaouira - one of the most beautiful Moroccan cities on the ocean coast. On the way, we saw both goats that swayed gently, crouched in the branches of argan trees, and local villages, as well as the expanses of Morocco. In Esueira, we explored the famous fish market, the bravest ones also tasted fresh oysters, chatted by the blue boats, and then wandered through the narrow street labyrinths of the old town, feasting our eyes on so many different handicrafts of Arab masters - shoes, jewelry, ceramics and many other things. And on the way back, we welcomed the sunset in the desert dune, which is located on the very coast of the ocean. Before the sun had set, everyone who wanted it enjoyed riding a surfboard on the sand - sandboarding, and then it was the right time to take countless beautiful pictures with the sun setting in the ocean.
On the final surf trip, everyone confessed that they felt indescribably pleased that they had decided to try surfing, an activity so little known to us, and most of the group were determined to go on another surf trip to enjoy the sun, the ocean, the joy of achievement, all in one trip. interesting conversations, new friends and indelible memories.
Thank you Linards Lapa for passionately leading the group!

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