Q & A's

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our tours. We will gladly answer all of those and encourage you to take a step closer to your next adventure.

The level of difficulty of the journey characterizes how physically easy or challenging this trip will be. Look at the explanations below and, before applying for the trip, assess your physical fitness and/or willingness to engage.

Easy - a leisurely trip that won't require significant effort, but includes short walks and easy day hikes in the plan, which can also be skipped. Children and elderly people can also go on the journey comfortably.

Moderate - the journey includes short day hikes of up to ~15km, with no particularly steep terrain to conquer, and you can carry a light daypack. If you feel like resting, you can skip the hikes.

Moderately Difficult - each day involves a walk of ~15-20km with elevation changes, or, if not, a longer distance is expected. In both cases, anyone with a sporty mindset can manage the hikes. You can walk with a small daypack, or if the hike involves a large backpack and camping in tents, it will only be for a few days.

Difficult - be prepared for it to be tough. Steeper and longer climbs, long distances, a heavy backpack, sleeping in tents, harsh weather conditions - if not all, then most of these challenges will definitely await you. You need to be in good physical shape and ready to sweat.

Very Difficult - every day will be both a physical and mental test. Climbs can reach over 1500m per day, you'll need to carry your entire life with you, there will be no shortcuts, and turning back is only an option in emergency situations. Good physical condition, previous experience in mountain trekking, and a willingness to push your limits are mandatory!
Yes, once you have booked the tour, you will receive a full itinerary.
Yes,you sure can. Most of the customers join us to gain brand new experience.
We will help you with the equipment. You will get our recommendatons and eve discounts in outdoor stores to get what you need.
Yes. Feel free to book a tour even for one person.
Ja izlemsi pievienoties braucienam, vari rezervāciju, nospiežot pogu "Rezervēt", aizpildot nepieciešamos lauciņus, un veikt apmaksu ar bankas norēkinu karti vai saskaņā ar rēķinu, kuru saņemsi uz norādīto e-pasta adresi.
Ja neesi pārliecināts, ka tiksi galā ar šo uzdevumu vai arī Tev nav tam laika, atsūti, lūdzu, uz savus personas datus (vārdu, uzvārdu, personas kodu, telefona nr.), lai varam sagatavot līgumu un rēķinu tavā vietā.
Ja maksātājs būs cita persona vai uzņēmums, lūdzu, norādi to.
Ja braucienā plāno doties ar kompanjonu/-iem, lūdzu atsūti arī pārējo ceļabiedru personas datus (vārdu, uzvārdu, personas kodu, telefona nr.)

* līgums nav jāparaksta, tas no klienta un pakalpojuma sniedzēja aizsardzības viedokļa skaitās parakstīts ar brīdi, kad klients veic pirmo iemaksu saskaņā ar rēķinu.
No. There are no additional costs if you are traveling alone.
You can book the adventure until there is availibility in the tour.
For each tour about 2 weeks before the adventure we are generating a new WhatsApp chat where we are making sure that everybody receives all information (such as weatherforcast for example). This is the environment where all the questions can be asked as well.
If you have booked any tour and made at least one payment, than you are qualified to receive a voucher for discount. Please contact us if you wish to use it at:
If there are circumstances that forces us to cancel the tour, than we will reschedule it firstly. If the rescheduled dated does not suit you, you will get your money back.
We are truly recommending to get a travel ensurance for any type of travel. For outdoor activities you are advised to get extra coverage for sports activities. If you need any recommendations to find a suitable ensurance for you, reach out to us at:
Usually, we are providing an opportunity to pay in two parts. However, you can book the tour with no investment at all.
Nē, tas nav nepieciešams. 
Līgums nav jāparaksta, tas no klienta un pakalpojuma sniedzēja aizsardzības viedokļa skaitās parakstīts ar brīdi, kad klients veic pirmo  jeb rezervācijas maksājumu.

Taču, ja vēlies, varam abpusēji līgumu parakstīt ar drošu elektronisko parakstu.