The Arctic mission

The Arctic mission

16. December, 2019 Destinations

This summer, for the second year in a row, we embarked on an Arctic Mission to the farthest northern place in the world accessible by commercial air travel - Svalbard. Accompanied by a small group of authentic adventure seekers, we set out together in motorboats, traversing the Arctic waters in search of absolute tranquility and complete seclusion from the outside world. Here, we had the opportunity to embark on unique journeys across ice floes, mountains, rivers, and tundra. The best part was that there are no marked trails here; it's just you and a compass to keep you on the right path.

In the polar and sunlit nights, we stood guard, cautious of any visits from the ice bear. During our expeditions, we were delighted by numerous herds of reindeer, Arctic foxes, birds, and other living creatures that have made this place their home. We were guests in this haven of peace.

In the evenings, we prepared delicious meals and warmed ourselves by the fire using the Latvian Wood we brought with us.

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